Working with the street children of Sihanoukville, Cambodia


Our Outreach Programs offer Family Reintegration & Family Support, Community Education, and Emergency Support for families. By traveling out to the community each day to the markets, streets and beaches of Sihanoukville, the Outreach Team is often the first contact for children in need.


Many street children become separated from their family for a variety of reasons - poverty and a street working lifestyle, violence and abuse in family and other poverty related issues.  M'Lop Tapang works to reintegrate street living and working children into their families by identifying the issues that lead to separations and offer support to families so that they are able to provide a safe and stable home environment for their children. 


Many families with whom we work live in extreme poverty. M'Lop Tapang provides emergency support to families in the form of food, shelter and medical care. As well, we meet with families to offer the services of our many programs including education, vocational training, counseling, baby care, dental care and micro loans. An alcohol support group meets monthly and its member is followed up by social workers. 

Community Education is an important aspect of our Outreach work. We strive to inform the local community about M'Lop Tapang and the services available to children. M'Lop Tapang meets regularly with families and community members living in and around the Sihanoukville area as well as local authorities and university students.  

Former street young people who are involved with M'Lop Tapang form our team of Street Volunteers. These youth act as peer mentors and role models for younger children who are facing the same issues that they once faced.  The Street Volunteers also work in the community helping to fix homes, clean beaches and organize community events.

The M'lop Tapang-produced Radio Show airs five times a week reaches more than 20,000 listeners.  The 60 minute radio shows are a terrific platform for addressing social issues, offering health and safety advice to vulnerable families and promoting the ChildSafe hotline.