Working with the street children of Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Vocational Training and Income Generation

M'Lop Tapang offers vulnerable youth from 15yrs to 22yrs of age the opportunity to learn skills that will help them secure meaningful employment and to become independent members of the community. More than 150 graduates of the program have found employment since the program started.

Students learn under the guidance of skilled trainers. On completion of their training, our staff works with each of the students to help them try and find a job or sometimes to help them to set up their own small business. In addition to the specific training all youth are provided with food, counseling, medical care, and recreation.


The Vocational Training Center 1 offers older girls and boys the opportunity to train in sewing, cookery/hospitality, and silk screen printing.

The Vocational Training Center 2 provides training in the areas of welding, electrics and wiring, and motor repair.


Our Home Based Production Program helps poor families develop a steady, safe source of income generation. Mothers and fathers completing a sewing training program are provided with sewing machines to work with from their homes.  The products they produce are sold in the Tapang's Shops. Having a steady income allows these parents, mostly single mothers, to send their children to school. There are currently 16 graduates of the program and 66 children are directly benefiting from their mother's stable income.


Opened in early 2012, Sandan, an income generating restaurant operated by M'Lop Tapang will offer local residents and tourists' delicious Khmer food as well as function as a training center for disadvantaged youth to provide them the opportunity to learn skills in the hospitality industry.